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A Happy Hospice for Elderly Cats

Cats are human too….well that’s how we treat them. They are our babies and they have been a part of our family for a long time. When our babies start acting like old people, we have to find a way to still take good care of them as if they are in a nursing home. Cats are the most independent pets a person could have. They can be left alone all day and are fine with that. But when they start to get old they require a little more care. Take a good size room and turn it into their hospice care area. If you have an elderly dog, you could do this for them too.


First of all you need to choose a room for them…a sunroom, bedroom, basement..The reason why you need to have them a special place is because they can get very messy in their old age. They can keep you cleaning your house constantly and if you work, that is just not easy. This way they will be able to be left alone all day and the clean-up would be all in one place. Plus if they have a stroke but yet can still get around and still eat good then let them die in their own time instead of having them put to sleep. I think if they can still eat, drink their water, poop, pee, and walk around then they should be kept alive in their own little hospice place.

So find them a room without carpet and with a lot of windows. That’s why a sunroom with a sliding glass door is a really good option so they can enjoy the outdoors and can go outside in the fresh air and sunshine which they enjoy.


Give them a whole 6′ x 6′ area for their litter boxes. Put out two or three different sizes of litter boxes and to protect the floor, put down a sheet of linoleum. Then keep each litter box on old folded newspapers and get a lot of newspapers because you will need to change them often.  Get the best kitty litter that will not get into their paws. I use Tidy Cats (In the plastic jugs).


Next is their sleeping area. Elderly cats have a harder time jumping up into the windowsill and chairs so it is a good idea to keep a lot of the floor cleared of furniture so that you can put down a thick folded blanket for them to sleep on. Don’t use those nice comfy cat beds that you can purchase unless they are machine washable and in that case it’s a good idea to have several on hand. Old cats get messy in their old-age. They sometimes will have problems with making it to the litter box and will make a big mess for you to clean up on their bedding. Get ready to take trips to the laundry-mat often, or do what I do…..when they mess up a blanket, I hang it on my clothesline outside and let the rain and sun and air wash most of the nasty and then after I get a few blankets aired out, I take them to the laundry mat. Why the laundry-mat? Well I can’t imagine all that cat hair and nastiness in my own washer. Another thing is to keep other choices of sleeping places like boxes turned on their sides. They might get bored with the same place to sleep and the boxes make a good dark place for them to hide if little kids come to visit.


Now you need the feeding station in your hospice care area. I bought a cabinet from Lowes that is the height of a kitchen counter with two doors. It’s great to keep the cat food in and all the other things you need like the extra blankets, newspapers, cat brushes, paper-towels and cleaning solution, medicines, ect. Elderly cats like to eat a lot but it seems they can’t eat a lot at one time or they get sick, so a regular can of cat food can be stretched to four meals for one cat. This counter is great for fixing their plates of food and mixing medicine in the food if needed. Cats are smart! If they see you mixing medicine in their food they won’t eat it….so having this counter helps to hide what you are doing with their food. Keep a trash can for the empty cans and for cleaning the litter boxes. Cats need their fiber so keep a bowl of Kitten Chow ready for them to munch on in between meals. Why kitten chow you ask? Kitten chow is designed for tender little teeth and old cats tend to have problems with their teeth. Yes I know their are special cat food out there for senior cats, but I like knowing that the kitten chow is already designed for baby little teeth and I don’t know if the special old-cat food is made for their old teeth. I just like to play it safe. Also keep fresh water always. Don’t give them milk or any milk product. Old cats get sick on milk now. I know, I know…it’s sad..they love milk and started out on milk but for some reason their stomach can’t take it.


Now as for scratching posts and toys, I would keep a couple of good scratching items for them. Most elderly cats don’t use the scratching posts anymore. They just let their claws fall off naturally. They don’t play anymore. Well, with the exception of my cat Angel. I still see her getting feisty once in a while and start batting a ball around. So keep balls laying around just in case. Also they don’t seem to be affected by cat-nip anymore. But I still get them some every Christmas from Santa Cat.


Keep a broom and mop handy to keep the floor clean and sanitized. Cats really don’t care if the floor in their hospice care area is clean but humans do.



Make sure they have a good source of heat and cooling system. They are much more sensitive to extreme heat and cold in their old age, as us humans become when we become elderly.


And last but not least, be sure to have a few easy-to-clean chairs for the family to come and sit with them and pet them. Petting elderly cats and grooming them keeps them happy and helps them feel good. They need all the affection from us humans as they can get so that they may reach the guinness book of world records of the longest living cats.







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  • Angel


    This is the twin of Snow. Her picture is also the one at the top of the page.
  • Smokey


    This is Smokey just taking it easy. He used to position hisself in some funny human-like ways.
  • Boots


    Boots was a beautiful grey tabby and was so friendly and loving…We were all heart-broken when he died.
  • Snow


    Snow was the twin, as we called them, of Angel. They looked alike.

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  1. Cheryl
    February 16, 2017 @ 4:29 pm

    A Cat Lady Deducts Her 70 Cats as a Charity

    An amazing cat saver Jan Van Dusen enjoys the felines. In fact, she would go out of her way to capture random feral cats on the street and care for them in her home, to the point that she was caring for 70-plus cats at one time. After treating them for any injuries they had sustained, sometimes she would release them back into the wild.

    Caring for a large amount of stray animals racked up some serious costs. For her 2004 tax return, Van Dusen tried to write off $12,068 for all her cat “rescue” items like cat food, vet bills, paper towels and other supplies.

    The IRS told the cat lady that these were personal expenses and couldn’t be deducted. In response, Van Dusen sued the IRS. Van Dusen was nearly bankrupt from taking care of all the cats and couldn’t afford a lawyer, so she went up against the IRS alone.

    Throughout the case, Van Dusen tried to establish her credibility by saying that her cat rescue obsession was outside work for her volunteer duties for Fix Our Ferals, an IRS-qualified nonprofit organization. She produced checks and receipts for many of her purchases, and she explained that her house was so dedicated to cat care that she never had people over.

    Despite the IRS’ constant comparisons of Van Dusen to a crazy cat lady, she actually managed to beat the IRS and got deductions for most of her claims! Her victory served as a precedent that can help numerous other animal shelter organizations, and help justify any other out of control hobbies people have.


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