Flea and Tick Meds for Elderly Cats

As my cats get older I don’t see much of a problem with fleas and ticks. They are kept inside most of the time in their specially designed happy hospice place for elderly cats but they do have an area outside to roam. My cat, Snow, who died a couple years ago seemed to just breed them in her fur or something. Every spring I would see them on her and run to the veterinarian to get the medicine. They would also be on the other two cats. Now that she is gone, I have not had to treat the other two for fleas at all. Strange that happened. I’m not sure why.

I know all too well what can happen to the house if the cats, or dogs for that matter, are not treated for fleas. I had a friend who did not care about getting that done and when you walked in her house you were attacked by fleas! An untreated cat can infest your house, so diligent flea and tick control must be part of your monthly routine for your cat’s health. However, be aware that cats cannot receive the same flea and tick treatment as dogs: dog insecticide collars can be toxic for the cat. A cat must always receive the treatments specifically blended for cats, especially your elderly cats in your hospice care room. You might need to do a little research to find the best flea and tick treatment for your cat, or consult a veterinarian for advice. In my honest opinion…..Only the flea and tick medicine you purchase at the vet really works…the kind in the store doesn’t seem to work much at all. I always put just half a dose on my elderly cats because they can get sick so easily. My mom’s cat lost it’s fur in spots and scratched a lot after she applied the flea and tick medicine to the cat. She took her cat to the veterinarian to see what was wrong and found out that it was the flea and tick medicine that caused it. The cat was allergic to something in the medicine.

There is a lot of flea and tick treatments on the market, including powders, sprays, and drops. You also can select medicines in the form of suspensions or tablets. Or check out this book and save a lot of money on flea meds. Also remember, if you have children or other pets is an aspect that needs to be considered when you are selecting the appropriate treatment for your elderly cat. Your vet will be able to tell you what will work well for your pet and your family, or give you additional tips.





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