Our Five Cats…..and then there were two

We started with two cats back in 1996…Mittens and Boots. Mittens had a litter of kittens but not by Boots. We lived out in the country at the time so the neighbor’s cat was the daddy…and what a beautiful long-haired, friendly cat he was. So we kept three of Mitten’s kittens and gave the others to good homes. We kept a solid black one we named Smokey, and two white cats that looked like twins, Angel and Snow. After Mittens weened her kittens, she disappeared and we never saw her again. Boots was a very friendly grey cat and loved kids. He was really fat but also muscular. He would always get in the tree-house and then jump off onto the storage building to get down. One day he came in and acted like he was having trouble breathing. We took him to the vet and they said he broke a rib and it injured his lungs…we sadly had him put to sleep. So then we just had Snow Angel and Smokey. In 2013 our Snow got really sick. We thought she might bounce back but when we took her to the vet, we found out she had a brain tumer. The doctor said that there was nothing they could do. We took her home but she just got to the point she wouldn’t eat so we had her put to sleep. Now we have two cats who will soon be 20 years old. Smokey, our black cat, lost his hearing at some point and then had a spell of some kind and we found out was a stroke. He can still eat, drink his water, poop, pee, go outside, walk around…but he gets dizzy or something a falls down….but he has got some more of his 9-lives left! Angel has been the most healthy of the bunch.